Optimize system perating speed

Speed up Windows startup time

Take control of the Windows Startup process. Reduce start up time by limiting how many programs launch when you start your PC.

Start Up Management

  • Review all programs that run automatically when Windows starts up
  • Discover the origin and the purpose of each Startup application
  • Make informed decision about pausing or removing unnecessary Startup items

When you start up your PC, it runs a number of ‘Startup items’ – shortcuts that are tied to some of your applications. Over time, as you install more applications on your computer, this list of Startup items can grow. The more the number of items, the more system resources are used to start them up, and the longer it takes to boot up your system. In general, the Startup Item list should only contain applications that need to run when the computer starts. But how do you know which Startup items are safe to remove?


PC TuneUp Maestro's StartUp Management feature lets you see what applications or programs are launched when your computer starts. You can then selectively stop any unnecessary applications or programs from being automatically started when Windows boots up, leaving only programs necessary to operate your computer. By doing so, you can free up system resources and greatly enhance your system's start up speed. The StartUp Management feature also displays helpful information about each Startup item, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to disable it. You also have the power to temporarily disable any item, to see how it affects your system.

PC TuneUp Maestro's StartUp Management feature lets you determine how fast your PC Startup should be!

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Compatible with Windows XP | Vista | Windows 7 | Windows 8 & 8.1 | Windows 10