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Ultra File Opener

Ultra File Opener

Hundreds of Possibilities One Extraordinary Choice! Ultra File Opener (UFO) supports over 500 different file types all in one application. Not only will it open popular image, text, and archive files instantly but you can also edit, convert, and print them from your PC. Stop downloading specialty software for each file type you want to open and get your own copy of UFO today!
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Ultra eBook Reader

Ultra eBook Reader

Ultra eBook Reader provides you the ability to read eBooks, comics, PDF, and document files directly on your PC. Ultra eBook Reader provides support for 12 of the most popular eBook and document file formats including: EPUB, PDF, MOBI, and CBR. It also offers support for bookmarks, table of contents, printing, and converting to PDF. Ultra eBook Reader instantly transfers your PC into a reading device, giving you the ultimate reading experience directly on your PC.
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CompuClever PC TuneUp Pro

CompuClever PC TuneUp Pro (Retired)

CompuClever PC TuneUp is the combination of the best of our acclaimed PC cleaning and optimization technology. We deliver this technology to you through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. In doing so PC TuneUp Pro empowers you to clean and optimize your PC, fix common issues, protect your privacy and identity, and speed up your web browser. And, all this with a single click.
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PC TuneUp Maestro

PC TuneUp Maestro (Retired)

Simple to use, yet incredibly effective, PC TuneUp Maestro represents the most advanced suite of PC maintenance software tools available today. Using advanced error analysis and resolution technology, PC TuneUp Maestro fixes, cleans and optimizes your PC, giving it peak performance and stability.
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PC Clean Maestro

PC Clean Maestro (Retired)

Your PC often stores unwanted “junk” files and traces of your personal information including passwords, credit card information, and email / chat communications. This occurs without your knowledge or consent. As a result your PC runs slower and exposes you and your family to identity and security theft. PC Clean Maestro removes unwanted files and it eliminates confidential information so your PC is clean and safe.
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CompuClever Antivirus PLUS

CompuClever Antivirus PLUS (Retired)

Unparalleled Security Technology Against Malware Threats. It's designed to deliver the best performance for your PC and it’s built on the most advanced antivirus technology available today. Exceptional in its ease of use, it allows you to handle security with a single click. The intuitive technology also guards your online privacy and digital identity.
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CompuClever ITHMB Viewer

Instantly view, print, convert, and share ITHMB files on your Windows PC. CompuClever ITHMB Viewer recovers photos stored in ITHMB format generated by iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. With CompuClever ITHMB Viewer you can view ITHMB photos, convert them to popular JPEG or PNG file formats, and make beautiful photo prints. CompuClever ITHMB Viewer also supports BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and TIFF image file formats. Plus, share your photos and images via Microsoft SkyDrive directly from CompuClever ITHMB Viewer.
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