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Remember when you powered up your PC for the first time, right out of the box? PC TuneUp Maestro brings back that lovin' feeling. Your PC will start up faster, your applications will run more smoothly, and your overall computing experience will be much more enjoyable.

Frustrated by your PC's performance?

Let's face it - sometimes, using your PC can be a frustrating experience - especially if your computer takes forever to start up, your applications are sluggish, or - for no good reason - your system crashes.

PC TuneUp Maestro uses advanced technology to fix and clean your PC and make your computing experience as delightful as possible. It addressed the majority of issues that arise in the course of personal computing - system crashes, slow startup and operating speeds, and all those other little annoying things that your computer does instead of letting you enjoy yourself. It gives you powerful tools that are easy to use!

See what PC TuneUp Maestro can do for you!

Open File Support


Feature name 1  

Cannot open a file downloaded from the Internet or received as an email attachment? Open File Support scans your PC to identify the root causes and fixes the issues for you. Should your PC need to install a proprietary viewer application, Open File Support guides you to download and install the most appropriate software to open your files. Learn more


Fix-it Center


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Tired of dealing with repeated PC errors or ongoing performance issues? Fix-it Center provides effective solutions to deal with specific PC stability and performance issues. Directly working with customers, our Technical Support Team and Development Team work closely to keep track of common PC problems, design and implement solutions, and make them available to you through Fix-it Center. Learn more


Powerful Tools, Easy to Use


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What if you could get a comprehensive diagnostic snapshot of your PC's system health, and then click a button to fix everything and optimize your system - all in a matter of in minutes? PC TuneUp Maestro is simply that powerful - and powerfully simple! Learn more





    Enhance PC Performance & Stability
Feature name 2  

Every time you install and remove software there are "fragments" left in your registry settings which slow things down. Using advanced error analysis and resolution technology, PC TuneUp Maestro scans your registry to help clean and repair it. Learn more

    Optimize Operating Speed  
Feature name 3  

Registry and disk defragmentation features optimize your system registry and hard drives, producing a cleaner, more compact system that takes up less disk space and consumes fewer memory resources. Learn more



    Speed Up Windows Startup  
Feature name 4  

Stop any unnecessary applications or programs from being automatically started when Windows boots up. Learn more



    Your Very Own PC TuneUp Maestro  
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We offer a complete solution to address your need for a better PC. Our knowledgeable and friendly technical support team members are always at your service. You also receive regular product updates as we continuously advance our technologies and improve our solutions.

Learn more



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