Enhance PC Performance & Stability

Enhance PC performance & stability

Safely fix and clean all the erroneous and obsolete system registry items that are causing stability and performance issues with your PC.

Scan & clean system registry

  • Identify and fix erroneous registry data
  • Discover and eliminate obsolete registry entries
  • Safety guaranteed with complete system file backup

The system registry of your PC is an essential component of your Windows operating system. It stores information about your user profiles, what hardware is on your system, which applications are installed, and so on.  The registry can contain literally thousands of computer settings, and your operating system is constantly referencing this information while it is running.


Your system registry can contain many unused, unwanted, and unnecessary items. For example, when you uninstall a software application, it may not completely remove all registry items. Also, when your anti-virus application removes viruses and spyware programs, it often leaves behind the registry items from these malicious intruders.


You can see that, over time, the size and complexity of your registry grows and grows. And, as the amount of ‘junk’ data and unwanted items in your registry grows, the likelihood of problems with your system’s stability and performance grows as well.


Using advanced error analysis and resolution technology, PC TuneUp Maestro’s System Registry Scan & Clean feature scans a comprehensive list of Registry categories, looking for erroneous or obsolete registry entries and helping you clean and repair them. By maintaining a clean registry, your computer system remains stable and free of any performance issues.


Specific registry areas targeted by PC TuneUp Maestro include:

Registry COM & ActiveX entries
Registry Help file entries
Registry Application paths
Registry Font entries
Registry File extensions
Registry Program Shortcuts
Registry File associations
Registry Sound App events entries
Registry Install & uninstall entries
Registry Startup entries & Startup menu entries
Registry Shared DLL entries
Registry 32-bit & 64-bit system registry

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