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Q. Why is my computer so slow?

If it feels like your PC is taking longer than usual to boot up, or your applications are running slowly, or browsing the Internet is starting to take longer than it should, then your PC probably needs some well-deserved maintenance.


When you use a PC, you're essentially using programs - web browsers, spreadsheet tools, word processors, and so on. The Windows operating systems stores and operates all of these programs. Software programs are made by different companies, and although there are industry standards, they all interact with the Windows operating system in different ways. Windows has to manage, monitor, and accommodate all of the programs that you use, as well as the many programs that assist the bigger ones (these can number into the hundreds).


Your PC's operating system and registry are made up of many files that contribute to your overall computing experience. Every now and then, one or more of these files can become corrupt, resulting in performance problems for your system. The longer you use your PC, the more these corrupt and/or useless files accumulate. So every now and then, you've got to do a little housekeeping and sweep that clutter out. PC TuneUp Maestro was created to do this housekeeping for you - to scan and analyze your system to let you know which files you can safely delete - and then do the dirty work for you!




Q. What can I do to speed up my PC?

There are a couple of things you can do. You can remove unnecessary Startup items, so that less memory is used when you start your PC. You could also run a scan on your Windows registry and selectively remove corrupt and invalid files to free up system resources. To do these things properly, you should always use a high performance utility program like PC TuneUp Maestro, which enables you to review each of the items that run when you start your PC, and recommend which of those items you can disable or remove.


PC TuneUp Maestro will also use state-of-the-art technology to scan your Windows registry and analyze which files can be safely removed. PC TuneUp Maestro’s Registry Defragmentation feature also completely removes gaps (fragmented sections) from the Windows registry, producing a cleaner, more compact registry that takes up less disk space and consumes fewer memory resources. The result is that your computer starts faster and has optimal access to the registry, so your system and application response times are improved.




Q. What are System Errors?

A system error is a general term that can denote many different occurrences and ramifications. What all system errors have in common is that they are an unwelcome event and result in frustration for you the user. Here are some common problems that frequently show up in everyday situations.
Computer Sluggishness — caused by running too many programs at the same time; also caused by poor memory management.


Slow Startup — caused by too many programs trying to start at once, or by errors in the Windows Startup sequence.


Unreliable Browsing — caused by too many browser add-ons or incorrect Internet settings.

Windows Errors — alert messages like “Runtime Error” caused by problems with your Windows registry.


Freezing, Crashing — caused by a program error, or by a conflict in the Windows registry that affects the program.


The best way to fix these problems is to run a routine diagnostic scan of your PC to see if your information is being organized and implemented in the best way possible. If problems are found, you need to take steps to correct them.




Q. How can PC TuneUp Maestro help clean and fix my Windows registry?

The best way to maximize your PC’s operating speed is to reduce the number of keys in your Windows registry.


Using advanced error analysis and resolution technology, PC TuneUp Maestro’s System Registry Scan & Clean feature examines a comprehensive list of Registry categories, looking for erroneous or obsolete Registry entries and helping you clean and repair them. By maintaining a clean system registry, your computer system remains stable and free of any performance issues.

Specific registry items targeted by PC TuneUp Maestro include:


  • COM/ActiveX Entries
  • Application Paths
  • File Extensions
  • File Associations
  • Install & Uninstall Entries
  • Font Entries
  • Shared DLLs
  • Help files
  • Program Shortcuts
  • Sound  App Events
  • Windows Startup Items
  • Windows Start Menu





Q. What is the Windows registry, and how does it affect my PC's performance?

The Windows system registry on your PC is a central database that stores configuration-type information about your computer - your user profiles, apps you’ve installed, any hardware devices you’ve hooked up, and more. It’s essentially the data storage locker for all the internal settings of your PC.


While you’re using your PC, Windows is constantly referencing the registry. So, whenever you install software, save a Favorite item, make changes in your PC’s control panel, or any number of things, all those changes get automatically logged in your registry. Each piece of this stored information is known as a registry ‘key’ and you could have thousands of keys stored in your registry. They build up over time - every time you use your PC, in fact. Some registry keys are absolutely critical to the proper operation of your PC. But a lot of them are duplicates, or invalid, or corrupt, or simply useless.


And registry keys are hungry - hungry for space on your PC’s hard drive disk, and hungry for your PC’s resources. For example, every time your computer starts up, Windows has to check the registry to organize the overall configuration of all your software programs. This means it has to review each and every registry key, one by one. If you have a lot of those useless, duplicate, corrupt registry keys mentioned above, it’s going to take a long time from pressing your power button to updating your Facebook page.


If your computer's overall performance seems to be slower, if it freezes up or crashes every now and then, or if you are starting to receive Windows error messages, then your Windows registry is probably corrupted. PC TuneUp Maestro can run a full diagnostic scan of your registry and show you where the problems are. PC TuneUp Maestro can then fix those problems for you with the click of a button!





Q. How do I know that fixing my computer is safe?

PC TuneUp Maestro has been extensively engineered to completely protect your PC while it works to clean and optimize your system. The product's Backup & Restore feature protects your system and your registry by maintaining backup copies of your files at different points in time, giving you the power to revert your system to the way it was at any point in time. The auto-backup feature creates a registry snapshot every time it cleans, keeping a record of every change made. This provides you with the essential protection you need to safeguard your entire system.





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