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[Update] As of July 30th 2015, CompuClever and Malwarebytes has successfully resolved the false positive categorization of both PCTuneUpMaestro and PCCleanMaestro. Existing or new users can download, install, and use both applications coexisting with Malwarebytes.

Victoria, British Columbia – Since early June 2015, two of CompuClever’s products: PCTuneUpMaestro and PCCleanMaestro have been mistakenly categorized by Malwarebytes as Potentially Unwanted Programs (P.U.P).  The false categorization made by MalwareBytes has affected a small percentage of CompuClever users who also happen to be active Malwarebytes users. Under default settings, Malwarebytes quarantines these programs, rendering them unusable and even uninstallable.

CompuClever is a Microsoft Application Development Partner and an Intel Elite Software Partner. Both PCTuneUpMaestro and PCCleanMaestro were certified through the Microsoft Windows 8 Logo certification process, which means they are completely safe to install and use. Enjoyed by over five million users globally, PCTuneUpMaestro and PCCleanMaestro together provide an advanced suite of PC cleaning, optimization, and maintenance tools that are simple to use yet effective in delivering results.  Being a member of both Microsoft and Intel Partnership programs, CompuClever also strictly adheres to commonly accepted software marketing practices set by regulatory bodies like Google, FTC, and Microsoft/Bing.

CompuClever has been actively engaging Malwarebytes legal and adjudication team with full attention and sincerity in order to discover a viable path that leads to the complete removal of this categorization. We respect Malwarebytes determination to play an active role in regulating the online advertising space by combating those who distribute PUP’s. Nevertheless, we also call upon Malwarebytes adjudication team to examine applications with depth of research and objectivity.

“It is to the common interest of our mutual users of CompuClever and Malwarebytes, that this miscategorization is resolved in a timely and professional fashion”, says Andy Thompson, Communications Director and Editor-in-Chief at CompuClever.

Meanwhile for those CompuClever users who are affected by Malwarebytes’ miscategorization, CompuClever has provided a written procedure instructing users how to restore these two products.

Striving to resolve this issue with full attention and urgency, CompuClever appreciates its users’ ongoing support and patience with this matter. Users who require assistance are encouraged to contact CompuClever support team via support[at]

About CompuClever

Founded in 2010, CompuClever’s mission is to provide PC users with a safe and enjoyable computing experience.  CompuClever offers products and services, powered by knowledge, know-how and expertise, aimed at enhancing computer safety, performance, and stability. CompuClever software products are designed from the ground up to provide powerful utility and optimization software that can be used quickly and effectively, even by novice computer users.


Andy Thompson
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Victoria, British Columbia – CompuClever Systems Inc announced today that PC Clean Maestro has achieved Windows 7 logo certification. This certification recognizes that PC Clean Maestro, a PC utility software engineered to safeguard private information and prevent online identity theft by removing junk files and uninstalling programs cleanly, has passed Microsoft Corp.-designed tests for compatibility and reliability with Windows 7.

“PC Clean Maestro has successfully passed the high standards of compatibility, reliability and performance of Windows 7 logo certification,” said Larry Yang, CompuClever Director of Product Development. “By working with Microsoft Corp., CompuClever’s engineering team has been able to focus on incorporating industry-leading best practices and the latest technology to make PC Clean Maestro a stable, worry-free software tool that is compatible with Windows 7.”

Designed for computer users of any level of expertise and experience, PC Clean Maestro is simple to use and yet incredibly effective. The Scan & Clean process locates any traces of personal identity information that are not needed and it finds unwanted junk files and data. Afterwards users are presented with a Scan report where findings can be reviewed at both a summary and detail level, to make PC cleaning easy and fast. An Uninstall Tool also cleanly removes old applications that are rarely used.

As software that is compatible with Windows 7, PC Clean Maestro has been tested for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7, and has passed Microsoft-designed tests to minimize the possibility of crashes, hangs, and reboots, and ensures compatibility with Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

About CompuClever
CompuClever’s mission is to provide PC users with a more enjoyable computing experience by offering products and services, powered by our knowledge, know-how and expertise, aimed at enhancing computer performance and stability. Our products are designed from the ground up to provide powerful optimization and management tools that can be used quickly and effectively, even by novice computer users. CompuClever was founded in 2010, and has offices in Canada and China.

209 – 3375 Whittier Ave
Victoria, BC, Canada, V8Z 3R1 - Fast and free software download directory


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