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I can no longer use an application

This issue occurs when you are trying to use a program which was working normally before installing CompuClever Antivirus Plus.

After installing CompuClever Antivirus Plus you may encounter one of these situations:

  • You could receive a message from CompuClever Antivirus Plus that the program is trying to make a modification to the system.

  • You could receive an error message from the program you're trying to use.

This type of situation occurs when Active Virus Control mistakenly detects some applications as malicious.

Active Virus Control is a CompuClever Antivirus Plus module which constantly monitors the applications running on your system and reports those with potentially malicious behavior. Since this feature is based on a heuristic system, there may be cases when legitimate applications are reported by Active Virus Control.

When this situation occurs, you can exclude the respective application from being monitored by Active Virus Control.

To add the program to the exclusions list, follow these steps:

  1. Open the CompuClever Antivirus Plus window.

  2. Access the Protection panel.

  3. Click the Antivirus module.

  4. In the Antivirus window, select the Exclusions tab.

  5. Click the Excluded Processes link. In the window that appears, you can manage the Active Virus Control process exclusions.

  6. Add exclusions by following these steps:

    1. Click the Add button, located at the top of the exclusions table.

    2. Click Browse, find and select the application you want to be excluded and then click OK.

    3. Keep the Allow option selected to prevent Active Virus Control from blocking the application.

    4. Click Add.

If this information was not helpful, you can contact us for support as described in section “Support and Contact Information”.