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Scanning your system for vulnerabilities

To fix system vulnerabilities using the Vulnerability Scan option, follow these steps:

  1. Open the CompuClever Antivirus Plus window.

  2. Access the Protection panel.

  3. Under the Vulnerability module, select Vulnerability Scan.

  4. Wait for CompuClever Antivirus Plus to check your system for vulnerabilities. To stop the scanning process, click the Skip button at the top of the window.

    1. Application updates

      If an application is not up to date, click the provided link to download the latest version.

      Click View details to see information about the application that needs to be updated.

    2. Windows updates

      Click View details to see the list of critical Windows updates that are not currently installed on your computer.

      To initiate the installation of selected updates, click Install updates. Please note that it may take a while to install the updates and some of them may require a system restart to complete the installation. If required, restart the system at your earliest convenience.

    3. Weak passwords

      You can see the list of the Windows user accounts configured on your computer and the level of protection their password provides.

      Click View details to modify the weak passwords. You can choose between asking the user to change the password at the next logon or changing the password yourself immediately. For a strong password, use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters (such as #, $ or @).

In the upper-right corner of the window you can filter the results according to your preferences.