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An important step in protecting your computer against malicious persons and applications is to keep up to date the operating system and the applications you regularly use. You should also consider disabling Windows settings that make the system more vulnerable to malware. Moreover, to prevent unauthorized physical access to your computer, strong passwords (passwords that cannot be easily guessed) must be configured for each Windows user account.

CompuClever Antivirus Plus automatically checks your system for vulnerabilities and alerts you about them. System vulnerabilities include the following:

  • outdated applications on your computer.

  • missing Windows updates.

  • weak passwords to Windows user accounts.

CompuClever Antivirus Plus provides two easy ways to fix the vulnerabilities of your system:

  • You can scan your system for vulnerabilities and fix them step by step using the Vulnerability Scan option.

  • Using automatic vulnerability monitoring, you can check and fix detected vulnerabilities in the Events window.

You should check and fix system vulnerabilities every one or two weeks.