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The CompuClever Antivirus Plus modules

The CompuClever Antivirus Plus product comes with a number of useful modules to help you stay protected while you work, surf the web or want to make online payments, improve the speed of your system and many others. Whenever you want to have access to modules or to start configuring your product, click the Protection, Privacy and Tools panels from the CompuClever Antivirus Plus interface.

The following list briefly describes each module.


Allows you to configure your protection against malware, set scan exclusions and manage quarantined files.

Web protection

Allows you to know if the information of the web pages you want to visit is safe.


Allows you to detect and fix vulnerabilities of your system.

Data protection

Allows you to prevent data leaks and protect your privacy while you are online.


Allows you to access your credentials with one master password.


Allows you to set up your working profile for an easy going system usability.