CompuClever Antivirus Plus Help

Security Report

The Security Report provides a weekly status for your product and various tips to improve the system protection. These tips are important for managing the overall protection and you can easily see the actions you can take on your system.

The report is generated once a week and it summarizes the relevant information on your product activity so you can easily understand what occurred during this period of time.

The information offered by the Security Report is divided into two categories:

  • Protection area - view information related to your system protection.

    • Files Scanned

      Allows you to see the files scanned by CompuClever Antivirus Plus for the week. You can view details, such as the number of scanned files and the number of files cleaned by CompuClever Antivirus Plus.

      For more information on the Antivirus protection, please refer to “Antivirus protection”.

    • Webpages Scanned

      Allows you to check the number of web pages scanned and blocked by CompuClever Antivirus Plus. To protect you from disclosing personal information while browsing, CompuClever Antivirus Plus secures your web traffic.

      For more information on Web protection, please refer to “Web protection”.

    • Vulnerabilities

      Allows you to easily identify and fix system vulnerabilities in order to make your computer more secure against malware and hackers.

      For more information on the Vulnerability scan, please refer to “Vulnerability”.

    • Events Timeline

      Allows you to have an overall image of all scanning processes and issues fixed by CompuClever Antivirus Plus throughout the week. The events are separated by days.

      For more information on a detailed log of events concerning the activity on your computer, see Events.

  • Optimization area - view information related to the space cleared, optimized applications and how much computer battery you had saved using Battery Mode.

    • Battery saved

      Allows you to see how much battery you have saved while the system ran in Battery Mode.

      For more information on Battery Mode, please refer to “Battery Mode”.

    • Apps optimized

      Allows you to see the number of the applications you have used under the Profiles.

      For more information on Profiles, please refer to “Profiles”.