CompuClever Antivirus Plus Help

Main window

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Upper toolbar
Panels area

The main CompuClever Antivirus Plus window allows you to perform common tasks, quickly fix security issues, view information about product operation and configure product settings. Everything is just a few clicks away.

The window is organized in two main areas:

Upper toolbar

This is where you can check your computer's security status, configure the CompuClever Antivirus Plus behavior in special cases and access important tasks.

Panels area

This is where you can manage the main CompuClever Antivirus Plus modules and run different tasks to keep your system protected and running at optimal speed.

The icon at the top of the window lets you manage your account and access the online features of your product from the account dashboard. Here you can also access the Events and the weekly Security Report.

Link Description
Number of days left

The time remaining before your current license expires is displayed. Click the link to open a window where you can see more information about your license key or register your product with a new license key.

Buy Now Helps you purchase a license key for your CompuClever Antivirus Plus product.