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How does it work?

Everything you need to keep your PC at its peak

Who is it for?

This PC optimization guide is designed specifically for CompuClever Antivirus users. Now that CompuClever Antivirus protecting your PC from malware and online threats, you can focus on getting your PC running at its peak again.

How difficult is it?

You do NOT need to be a computer expert in order to perform PC tuneup tasks. If you already know how to install and operate an antivirus program, you are capable of performing all of the tuneup tasks outlined here for you.

What tools do I need?

Besides tools are that already installed with Windows, all you need is two PC optimization applications from CompuClever:

Where do I start?

We provide a set of comprehensive guidelines and know-how article's to address common issues that slowdown your PC. These helpful guides and easy tips will get you started in no time at all. If you are a new user, we recommend you follow the sequence of this guide.

More Space

Make your PC less cluttered by freeing up disk space

Uninstall Unnecessary Software

Hard disc cleaning is a prerequisite of PC TuneUp. Rarely-used or unnecessary software takes up disk space. Be a minimalist and keep only the software you need.

Remove Junk Files

Over time and daily use, PC’s get clogged with clutter and junk files clog up the system. PC clutter can really bog down the system and lead to poor system performance. Remove temporary files and junk data.

More Speed

Restore your PC to top speed

Hard Drive Optimization

Disk fragmentation impedes system performance by slowing down your hard drives. Hard drive defragmentation can restore PC performance with noticeable improvements.

Improve Startup

As excessive number of startup applications can lengthen the startup process. Not every program is required to run at Windows startup time. Review a complete list of the startup programs and decide which ones to keep and which ones to purge from the boot-up sequence.

Unleash Hidden Power

System settings can affect the performance of your PC. The System Tuning tool analyzes your computer and provides a recommended list of items that will bring about performance improvements specific to your computer system.

Higher Stability

Less crashing and freezing

Registry Cleaner

The system registry is an essential component of the Windows operating system. Over time, it can contain many unused, unwanted, and unnecessary items. De-clutter and clean your registry for fewer system crashes.

Registry Defrag

Fragmentation of the system registry causes slowdown while your computer attempts to perform seek and write commands. You notice a decline in performance of your entire system. Reorganize your registry to eliminate database problems

Faster Internet

Return your browsing speed from crawling to surfing

Clean & Restore Web Browser

Picking up software add-ons means modifications get made to your web browser such as extra toolbars and popup windows. The web browser specifically gets bogged down in these situations as it contains too many unnecessary add-ons. Remove non-essential add-ons or toolbars to optimize your web browser.

Internet Explorer TuneUp

Many people still prefer using Internet Explorer as their default browser. Internet Explorer should function as well as any other alternative browser if it is maintained properly. Restore your Internet Explorer browser to its previous condition

Automated Maintenance

Schedule your PC maintenance for peace of mind

Smart TuneUp

The Smart TuneUp utility is a great starting place to access and launch the PC TuneUp Maestro tools you are most likely to use again and again. You can create schedules for the Smart TuneUp so that it scans automatically at a time of your choosing.

  • Tools to use: Smart TuneUp and Schedule Tools from PC TuneUp Maestro
    • Smart TuneUp: open PC TuneUp Maestro and select Smart Tuneup
    • Scheduler for Smart TuneUp: open PC TuneUp Maestro, select Options, and select Smart TuneUp Schedule
    • Scheduler for Disc Defrag: open PC TuneUp Maestro, select Options, and select Disc Defrag Schedule
  • Reference and how-to's:

Scheduled PC Clean

Many people still prefer using Internet Explorer as their default browser. Internet Explorer should function as well as any other alternative browser if it is maintained properly. Schedule automated scans