Fine tune system performance

Supercharge your system

Fine-tune your computer settings to maximize the speed of your PC and Internet. Realize the full potential of your PC's existing hardware.

Fine-tune system performance

  • Tweak system settings to maximize performance
  • Adjust network setings to Increase Internet speed
  • Drive your PC's performance to reach its full potential

There are a number of minor adjustments that you can make to your PC that will greatly enhance your user experience. PC TuneUp Maestro unlocks the potential of your system by providing you with access to these controls.


From enabling power-saving functions to further increasing your startup speed or protecting your sensitive information, PC TuneUp Maestro allows you to optimize your PC so that its performance is at its peak!


Here are some examples of what PC TuneUp Maestro's system performance tweak can do for you:

Registry Increase Internet browsing and download speed
Registry Shorten program and application launch time
Registry Improve efficiency of memory usage to avoid low-memory errors
Registry Speed up folder & file browsing in Windows Explorer
Registry Reduce time to shutdown Windows or enter hibernation

Fine-tune your system performance now

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Compatible with Windows XP | Vista | Windows 7 | Windows 8 & 8.1 | Windows 10