CompuClever Antivirus Plus Help

Entering your license key

If you selected to evaluate the product during the installation, you can use it for a 7-day trial period. To continue using CompuClever Antivirus Plus after the trial period expires, you must register the product with a license key.

A link that indicates the number of days left on your license appears at the bottom of the CompuClever Antivirus Plus window. Click this link to open the registration window.

You can see the CompuClever Antivirus Plus registration status, the current license key and how many days are left until the license expires.

To register CompuClever Antivirus Plus:

  1. Type the license key in the corresponding field.

    [Note] Note

    You can find your license key:

    • on the CD label.

    • on the license certificate.

    • in the online purchase e-mail.

    If you do not have a CompuClever Antivirus Plus license key, click the link provided in the window to open a web page from where you can purchase one.

  2. Click Register Now.

Even after you purchase a license key, until the in-product registration with the key is completed, CompuClever Antivirus Plus will continue to appear as a trial version.