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Fixing issues

CompuClever Antivirus Plus uses an issue tracking system to detect and inform you about the issues that may affect the security of your computer and data. By default, it will monitor only a series of issues that are considered to be very important. However, you can configure it as needed, choosing which specific issues you want to be notified about.

Detected issues include important protection settings that are turned off and other conditions that can represent a security risk. They are grouped into two categories:

  • Critical issues - prevent CompuClever Antivirus Plus from protecting you against malware or represent a major security risk.

  • Minor (non-critical) issues - can affect your protection in the near future.

The CompuClever Antivirus Plus icon in the system tray indicates pending issues by changing its color as follows:

Critical issues are affecting the security of your system. They require your immediate attention and must be fixed as soon as possible.

Non-critical issues are affecting the security of your system. You should check and fix them when you have the time.

Also, if you move the mouse cursor over the icon, a pop-up will confirm the existence of pending issues.

When you open the CompuClever Antivirus Plus window, the Security status area on the upper toolbar will indicate nature of issues affecting your system.