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For all the users who want nothing more from their security solution than to be protected without being bothered, CompuClever Antivirus Plus has been designed with a built-in Autopilot mode.

While on Autopilot, CompuClever Antivirus Plus applies an optimal security configuration and takes all security-related decisions for you. This means you will see no pop-ups, no alerts and you will not have to configure any settings whatsoever.

In Autopilot mode, CompuClever Antivirus Plus automatically fixes critical issues, enables and quietly manages:

  • Antivirus protection, provided by on-access scanning and continuous scanning.

  • Web protection.

  • Automatic updates.

To turn the Autopilot on or off, follow these steps:

  1. Open the CompuClever Antivirus Plus window.

  2. Click the User Mode / Autopilot switch on the upper toolbar. When the switch is on the User Mode position, the Autopilot is off.

As long as the Autopilot is on, the CompuClever Antivirus Plus icon in the system tray changes to .

[Important] Important

While the Autopilot is on, modifying any of the settings it manages will result in it being turned off.

To see a history of actions performed by CompuClever Antivirus Plus while Autopilot was engaged, open the Events window.