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Safepay security for online transactions

The computer is fast becoming the main tool for shopping and banking. Paying bills, transferring money, buying pretty much anything you can imagine has never been quicker or easier.

This involves sending personal information, account and credit card data, passwords and other types of private information over the Internet, in other words exactly the type of information flow that cyber-criminals are very interested to tap into. Hackers are relentless in their efforts to steal this information, so you can never be too careful about securing online transactions.

CompuClever Antivirus Plus Safepay is first of all a protected browser, a sealed environment that is designed to keep your online banking, e-shopping and any other type of online transaction private and secure.

For the best privacy protection, CompuClever Antivirus Plus Wallet has been integrated into CompuClever Antivirus Plus Safepay to secure your credentials whenever you want to access private online locations. For more information, please refer to “Wallet protection for your credentials”.

CompuClever Antivirus Plus Safepay offers the following features:

  • It blocks access to your desktop and any attempt to take snapshots of your screen.

  • It protects your secret passwords while browsing online with Wallet.

  • It comes with a virtual keyboard which, when used, makes it impossible for hackers to read your keystrokes.

  • It is completely independent from your other browsers.

  • It comes with built-in hotspot protection to be used when your computer is connected to unsecured Wi-fi networks.

  • It supports bookmarks and allows you to navigate between your favorite banking/shopping sites.

  • It is not limited to banking and e-shopping. Any website can be opened in CompuClever Antivirus Plus Safepay.