CompuClever Antivirus Plus Help

Creating data protection rules

To create a rule, click the Add rule button and follow the configuration wizard. You can navigate through the wizard using the Next and Back buttons. To exit the wizard, click Cancel.

  1. Describe Rule

    You must set the following parameters:

    • Rule Name - type the name of the rule in this edit field.

    • Rule Type - choose the rule type (address, name, credit card, PIN, SSN, etc).

    • Rule Data - type the data you want to protect in this edit field. For example, if you want to protect your credit card number, type all or part of it here.

      [Important] Important

      It is recommended to enter at least three characters in order to avoid mistakenly blocking messages and web pages. However, for extra safety, only enter partial data (for example, only a part of your credit card number).

    • Rule Description - enter a short description of the rule in the edit field. Since the blocked data (character string) is not displayed in plain text when accessing the rule, the description should help you easily identify it.

  2. Configure rule settings

    1. Select the type of traffic you want CompuClever Antivirus Plus to scan.

      • Scan Web (HTTP traffic) - scans the HTTP (web) traffic and blocks the outgoing data that matches the rule data.

      • Scan e-mail (SMTP traffic) - scans the SMTP (mail) traffic and blocks the outgoing e-mail messages that contain the rule data.

      You can choose to apply the rule only if the rule data matches whole words or if the rule data and the detected string case match.

    2. Specify the users for which the rule applies.

      • Only for me (current user) - the rule will apply only to your user account.

      • All users - the rule will apply to all Windows accounts.

      • Limited user accounts - the rule will apply to you and all limited Windows accounts.

      Click Finish. The rule will appear in the table.

From now on, any attempt to send the rule data through the selected protocols will fail. An entry will be displayed in the Events window indicating that CompuClever Antivirus Plus has blocked identity specific content from being sent.