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How do I create a custom scan task?

If you want to scan specific locations on your computer or to configure the scanning options, configure and run a customized scan task.

To create a customized scan task, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the CompuClever Antivirus Plus window.

  2. Access the Protection panel.

  3. Under the Antivirus module, select Manage Scans.

  4. Click New custom task to enter a name for the scan and select the locations to be scanned.

  5. If you want to configure the scanning options in detail, select the Advanced tab.

    You can easily configure the scanning options by adjusting the scan level. Drag the slider along the scale to set the desired scan level.

    You can also choose to shutdown the computer when the scan is over if no threats are found. Remember that this will be the default behavior every time you run this task.

  6. Click OK to save the changes and close the window.

  7. Click Schedule if you want to set a schedule for your scan task.

  8. Click Start Scan and follow the Antivirus Scan wizard to complete the scan. At the end of the scan, you will be prompted to choose the actions to be taken on the detected files, if any.

  9. If you want to, you can quickly rerun a previous custom scan by clicking the corresponding entry in the available list.