CompuClever Antivirus Plus Help

How does it work?

When it detects a removable storage device, CompuClever Antivirus Plus starts scanning it for malware in the background (provided automatic scan is enabled for that type of device). A CompuClever Antivirus Plus scan icon will appear in the system tray. You can click this icon to open the scan window and to see the scan progress.

If Autopilot is on, you will not be bothered about the scan. The scan will only be logged and information about it will be available in the Events window.

If Autopilot is off:

  1. You will be notified through a pop-up window that a new device has been detected and it is being scanned.

  2. In most cases, CompuClever Antivirus Plus automatically removes detected malware or isolates infected files into quarantine. If there are unresolved threats after the scan, you will be prompted to choose the actions to be taken on them.

    [Note] Note

    Take into account that no action can be taken on infected or suspicious files detected on CDs/DVDs. Similarly, no action can be taken on infected or suspicious files detected on mapped network drives if you do not have the appropriate privileges.

  3. When the scan is completed, the scan results window is displayed to inform you if you can safely access files on the removable media.

This information may be useful to you:

  • Please be careful when using a malware-infected CD/DVD, because the malware cannot be removed from the disc (the media is read-only). Make sure real-time protection is turned on to prevent malware from spreading to your system. It is best practice to copy any valuable data from the disc to your system and then dispose of the disc.

  • In some cases, CompuClever Antivirus Plus may not be able to remove malware from specific files due to legal or technical constraints. Such an example are files archived using a proprietary technology (this is because the archive cannot be recreated correctly).

    To find out how to deal with malware, please refer to “Removing malware from your system”.